Tharsys Benbécula Itsindi – The Witch

The Witch
Tharsys Itsindi-The Mist of Ravenloft

Daughter of the Karrnathi General “Jaeden ir´Itsindi”, and the Witch “Benbécula Kovane” is the second of three sisters, Asiria Itisindi and Alia Itsindi.  At only 60 inches tall, Tharsys is a sultry pocket sized Goth Witch. Also know as “The Witch” in Stormreach or “Fata Morgana” in Sharn.

With an innate magical talent from child, was initiated in the dark arts and dark magic by her mother, a Witch from the Cult of Vol. Tharsys was killed by suffocation with 2 years old and returned to life as undead after had been sunk in the original Blood of Vol. She was appointed in her early years as a Daughter of the Night, in spite of her mother how much she begged.

Ever since the birth, she already was a miserable, eventhough she have it all, by social class in which her family was positioned, to her misfortune, was born in the last years of the Last War, and in Karrnath.

At age fifteen, she was sent to Karrn by her parents to deal with her rampant alcohol abuse, her uncle, an admissions officer at the school, secured her financial aid to attend.

A terrible event that occurred by being unable to control her power, (a failed spell in her clasroom, ended with the life of three of her classmates).

As a teenager, she was increasingly frustrated by the fact that she was not receiving the same privileges and responsibilities as her old sister. This coupled with being forced into traditional “woman’s work”, caused the adolescent to often rebel against her parents and authority figures. No longer one to back down from a fight, Tharsys frequently found herself in verbal confrontations and physical scuffles.

After the War and the Signing of the treaty, the use of undead was something frowned upon for many nations. That was the reason why were reported like abominations the remaining children who were still alive . Fortunately she was moved secretly to Sharn, the City of Towers where she could be better hidden. There, she was never breed, but grew up there. Most of the Tharsys´s childhood in Karrnath is a mystery.

Not only she came back to have a strong addicion alcohol but other types of drugs like a plant who grown in the Talenta Plains and after being processed, smoked or ingested produces immediate effects of euphoria, but most of the time include tachycardia, disorientation, lack of physical coordination, often followed by depression or sleepiness. Some consumers suffer from panic attacks or anxiety.

Usually she have certain rare moments of premonition, which with altered states of consciousness induced by drugs, it makes her see situations and moments that has not happened yet .. all finished in a fatal outcome ..

Tharsys is aware of all the stories circulating out there about her, and if necessary she takes care of exaggerating them.

While trust is difficult to earn with Tharsys, once it is earned she gives herself whole heartedly.

In Karrnath abound some rumors about her. What is certain is that flogged violently to a Thrane slave to the death in the middle of the street, full of people.

Some people say that even acted already being only a child in the battlefields of Cyre in the Last War, raising fallen bodies from the dead,..but it is thought that it is just a rumor..

It is said that the skeleton knight who always accompanies her, was her lover in life, who died tragically, so was the sentence that caused his absence, that banned unearthed with his own hands and turned it into a living dead.


Tharsys joined definitely to the Dark Cabinet in Sharn with only 113 years old, (around 21 years in a human life). Being Assistant of the Ambassador Karrnitha in the city of towers. Also worked as spy within the city of Towers to the interests of the Emerald claw.

She assisted in the creation of poisons, antidotes, potions, intoxicants, healing medleys, etc. To this day, she sees a flower for more than its physical beauty, but it’s ability to sustain or take life.

With many ambitions, the Dark Cabinet is to worried about the Tharsys´s reputation since her addictions and some excess have caused them many problems. Her haughtiness is not applauded by them.


She has her own beliefs, and tries to interact according to the environment and situation keeping all the time she can the evil that runs through her veins, although she sometimes need to do certain acts that are not well pleased for some people, but for the situation and condition has left no choice to her, they are prohibited people in many places, but not in a free city like Stormreach or Sharn.

She observe and usually think more rationalite than other Karrnathi human,at the end, she only to try to take advantage of the situation.

She thinks that the Evil deities are those that can give her the necessary power for many ambitions and for her people. She is a vampire. Follow in silence to the dark cult of the “Blood of Vol.

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The only setback was in Sharn, despite the sadness of the scene, that last night in the tavern before the departure to the City of Stormreach.