The Witch

Not all the evil belong to the male gender, in fact, most of the horrors conceived by any race in the D&D universe have a female face.

We are so many, and so few, that it is vain to trace a chronology of our history.

The truth is that this life, they assure me, belongs to Another, to a mythological me of which I hardly remember her name.

What fierce destinations hide behind the sunset? What uncertain figures shake in the shadows like vague unburied thoughts? Who, among you, will manage to answer those questions that, out of modesty, I only dare to formulate in a murmur?

No vampire will boast of his reality, just as man does not swear his humanity or death glorifies his work. I am, however, painfully true; nor pariah of an inept deity or the rarity of a nature whose borders are constantly moving. I am, a Witch, someone who was Other.