Tales of the Mistery and the Macabre

Every adventurer can spin tales of horrific monsters, lost expeditions, and fabled treasures found in Xen´drik, in the depths of the King Forest in Cormyr or under the Mists of Ravenloft in the Land of Barovia,. Some stories are passed down over the generations. Others are embellishments of personal experiences. When people gather in the taverns, they typically tell tall tales, with each storyteller trying
to top the one before.

yugolothkneeling Saekee – DDO Fórums: I recommend everyone to read it–it is a fun way to bring to life some of the events that harken around the various quests in the zone. The author demonstrates deep lore for the world of Eberron. If you like Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther and cross this with horror story writing, you will enjoy this very much!

winterbroc    Sindaera -DDO Forums: After read some stories, I will never play certain quest again in the same way.

On the road to Stormreach (Under development)New Movie (3) (22).Movie_Instantánea

Midnight Greetings


The Cats of Eveningstar

The Reaper

The Dreaming Dark

Ghosts in the daylight